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How secure are Xerox Copiers and printers?

Not a lot of office managers or employees know just how vulnerable their printers are. This is exactly what cybercriminals want – since it gives them easy access to corporate networks they wish to infiltrate.

Fortunately, global imaging manufacturers like Xerox are keenly aware of the fact that printers are one of the most vulnerable pieces of equipment in the modern office. The world’s imaging experts are quickly moving to address these vulnerabilities and develop solutions that improve security without sacrificing accessibility and ease of use.

Xerox has invested in printer security for years and has maintained one of the best track records in the tech world. Xerox has even earned the distinction of being the first imaging manufacturer to earn security authorization from FedRAMP for its cloud-based managed print solutions.

Xerox ConnectKey Security

Many of the security features that today’s Xerox copiers and printers enjoy are part of the ConnectKey network environment that Xerox designs its printers to operate in. For Xerox, printer security is part of network security – any office that wishes to protect sensitive data from cyberattack needs to consider printers as network devices first and imaging devices second.

To this end, Xerox ConnectKey establishes some of the most stringent security standards in the imaging industry. In order to improve accessibility and adoption, these features operate out of the box – there is no need for specialized technical training to get them to work:

• Intrusion Prevention. Xerox devices protect against the proliferation of malware by protecting all user authentication and access controls. This prevents unauthorized programs from running and keeps users secure.

• Device Detection. Right out of the box, Xerox ConnectKey-enabled printers locate the company network and establishes a secure connection to it. It then continuously operates whitelisting and identity services to verify network integrity. Xerox printers even verify their own firmware on start-up, in case hackers attempt to replace device-specific firmware with malicious code.

• Document and Data Protection. One of the hallmarks of Xerox copier security is the level of encryption that digital documents enjoy while sitting in the copy queue. If a hacker compromises a Xerox imaging device, the data contained on that device will remain safe.

• Third-Party Partnerships. Xerox relies on McAfee for its whitelisting technology and operates Cisco identity services to auto-detect Xerox devices on the network. These are best-in-class solutions that offer top-shelf security performance using cutting-edge technology.

Xerox Secure Printing Features

Beyond the foundational benefits of Xerox ConnectKey, individual Xerox copiers and printers have their own robust sets of secure printing features. These combine with infrastructural security benefits to produce a multi-layered defense against printer infiltration.

• Xerox Secure Print. Abandoned prints are one of the most common security vulnerabilities in the modern office. Xerox Secure Print makes sure employees pick up the prints they order by holding print jobs until the user releases it with a secure passcode or RFID chip.

• Image Overwrite. Without a secure method for overwriting images, hackers can work their way into printers’ memories and access documents after they’ve been printed. Xerox copiers and printers erase their own memories after printing by overwriting the print order with random data.

• Data Encryption. Xerox printers encrypt documents while they are queued for printing. They also ensure that these documents remain encrypted while in transit between devices, ensuring that intercepting a document in transmission does not render it vulnerable.

• Easily Removable Hard Drives. For the ultimate in physical security, system administrators can remove Xerox hard drives and lock them in a safe during non-business hours. Some industry regulations, like HIPAA and PCI, require that administrators take these steps with hard drives that contain certain types of highly sensitive information.

Managed Print Services Improve Security

Keeping a business in compliance with constantly changing security regulations can be an extraordinary challenge. In some industries, even best-in-class security is not enough to dissuade cybercriminals – administrators need to find ways to protect themselves against unknown zero-day vulnerabilities.

As with many business challenges, there is no need to go it alone. Managed print solutions allow organizations to outsource their print infrastructure to a reliable third-party print provider. This allows them to benefit from on-demand compliance with the latest best practices in the cybersecurity industry.

With Xerox equipment and specialist expertise protecting against novel threats, organizations can quickly implement security infrastructures more robust and complex than what they would be able to develop in-house. Managed print services offer a uniquely valuable solution for businesses that rely on Xerox copiers and printers.

Improve Printer Security Today

Whether improving your own print fleet using in-house talent or relying on a reputable managed print service vendor, improving print security has never been more urgent. Speak to a qualified consultant to find out what you can do to improve printer security today.

Make your print fleet more secure. Talk to a QBSI-Xerox security specialist about how you can benefit from the latest Xerox security updates and keep your organization’s data safe.