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What are the top managed IT trends for 2019?

As people near the end of the year, they inevitably look ahead to the next year. Some people plan to start a new fitness routine, learn a new skill, push for a promotion at work, or pick up a new hobby. Of course, there are some people that think about managed IT trends for 2019.

IT security and managed IT trends may not be the most exciting topic of discussion as the new year draws closer, but it could be one of the most important topics for business owners. What is the next big threat to cybersecurity? How can a business improve efficiency?

These are the important questions that providers of managed IT services are asking in order to deliver a higher level of service in 2019.

It’s Time to Embrace the Cloud

2019 will be a big year for cloud-based services. More apps and service providers are moving to a cloud-based service solution and the flexibility of cloud services fits in with the increasingly mobile workforce of today. 77% of Americans own a smartphone with the percentage being much higher for those aged 18 to 49. More and more business is done using mobile devices and that trend is likely going to continue. This means that cloud services will be even more in demand as businesses and employees embrace mobile work.

Managed IT services will have to be ready to integrate cloud services as needed and deploy devices that enable users rather than hold them back. Even the trusted multifunction printer is going to be a part of this changing workplace. Xerox has recognized the need for cloud-based apps to be linked directly to office equipment. ConnectKey-enabled products from Xerox provide this convenience and new apps, like SalesForce and QuickBooks, are being added regularly.

Managing and Protecting Data as a Hot Topic

In 2018, the world saw several data scandals from big names like Facebook, MyHeritage, and Exactis. Europe also introduced wide-sweeping consumer data protection regulations called GDPR which will likely become the blueprint for countries looking to do the same in the future. The data management and data protection conversation is just getting started as 2019 draws near.

Another important aspect to consider is the massive volume of data businesses are beginning to take in thanks to new technology. How is this data going to be managed? More importantly, how can the security of this data be protected to ensure that businesses don’t experience embarrassing breaches that could damage their reputation among the general public? This will be one of the most talked about managed IT trends for 2019.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence in 2019

Managing and protecting the data that a business pulls in will be important, but what else can be done with data beyond simply storing and protecting it? Analytics will be very important as businesses work to identify inefficiencies and problem areas. One basic example of analytics could be to monitor print output from individual users in order to better deploy print devices and reduce waste.

Artificial intelligence will also start to see a greater role in all areas of managed IT services as the technology continues to develop. In fact, AI is already being developed to identify new malware threats as they are released by hackers. This kind of technology could then allow providers of managed IT services to ensure their devices are protected before malware even has a chance to take hold. Whether people are discussing the top managed IT trends or not, artificial intelligence is certainly going to be a hot topic of discussion in the coming year.

Preparing for Managed IT Services in 2019

No one can claim to own some kind of perfectly accurate crystal ball and there are bound to be some surprises in store for everyone as 2019 kicks off. However, these top managed IT trends for 2019 are certainly going to play a role for businesses and IT managers around the world. Being prepared for the changing business world is important and these trends are just a hint of what’s to come.

To learn more about how to embrace the future instead of being surprised by it, contact QBSI and be the first to see the latest business trends.