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QBSI-Xerox Gives Back During the Holiday Season

The holiday season usually means festivities and celebration for many families, including our own. However, for some families suffering through trauma, the holidays can be a time of difficulty, made worse by the burdens of expectation.

During this time of year, we at QBSI-Xerox would like to give back to our community. Fortunately, we are lucky enough to work with hopelink.org and the YMCA Snohomish County as partners in our efforts to try and make everyone’s holiday a little more special.

From all of us at QBSI-Xerox, we would like to thank you for your support in 2018 and sincerely wish you a happy holiday season. As our loyal customers, we hope that you will join us in celebrating the following organizations and the work that they accomplish all year long.

Working with the YMCA Snohomish County

The YMCA Snohomish County services nearly 100,000 people across the county, helping with such essentials as child care and early childhood learning. Employing over 600 people, the YMCA also offers low-cost meeting spaces and classes for the community, including swimming and water safety classes, as well as a meeting group for cancer survivors.

As children, many of us registered for classes at our local YMCA, not realizing just how much the YMCA was giving back to the community. Now, as adults, we have an opportunity to give back, and at QBSI-Xerox, we are eager to take that opportunity.

One out of very seven Snohomish county residents may be helped by their local YMCA. In existence since 1901, the Snohomish County YMCA is the largest child care provider in the county. It also focuses on stopping child abuse. Several videos can be seen on their website here.

We are proud to be working with the Snohomish County YMCA on several initiatives this holiday season, including a holiday canned food drive near Seattle, among other events.

Happy to Help Hopelink.org

Hopelink.org is a nonprofit organization that works to end poverty in our community by providing food assistance, employment services, and adult education. They have distributed over 2 million meals since their creation and provided many families with such fundamentals as housing and energy.

Within King County, Hopelink.org has access to over 100 units of housing, which the organization uses to help those who otherwise would be homeless. Their service centers help over 20,000 people in King County alone. Even more impressive is the fact that Hopelink.org has distributed over $450,000 in financial assistance for people in need. We are proud to be partnering with Hopelink.org for a holiday drive in the Pacific Northwest.

Hopelink.org also offers many other services, including family development. Hopelink’s Family Development Program helps a family deal with any crisis, including but not limited to education, employment, health, housing stability, parenting, and financial management. These are all important areas of concern, and Hopelink.org reaches out to vulnerable members of the community to ensure that they are cared for as much as possible.

Hopelink.org even offers a credit builder program, in which a trained professional will teach people in need how to rebuild their credit after a financial hardship has affected them. Even more impressively, Hopelink.org has partnered with Express Credit Union to ensure that families in need have the coverage and access necessary to create a better financial life for themselves and their loved ones.

The adult education provided by Hopelink.org is extensive. They provide varying degrees of assistance, from resume building workshops to an entire GED program. Hopelink.org even provides financial management classes, as well as specific training to help unemployed or underemployed people learn a profession.

Happy Holidays from QBSI-Xerox

As the holidays commence, families around the Seattle region gather and enjoy the festivities. Unfortunately, not everyone can celebrate due to financial constraints or health concerns, or family issues. QBSI-Xerox stands with our partners in their efforts to help those less fortunate in our community.

It’s not just about building a better company today—it’s about building a better world tomorrow. Click here to learn more about QBSI’s community partners.