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New Technologies from Xerox Featured at Print 18

Print 18 in Chicago featured a lot of new products and exciting technologies by many different companies. But as always, Xerox was at the forefront when it came to innovative new products that won awards.

Xerox’s new award-winning products that were showcased at the event are as follows:

Xerox Iridesse Production Press

A major new competitor shown off at Print 18 is the Xerox Iridesse Production Press. This printing press has several new features which drew some attention, including using silver and gold dry inks instead of resorting to foils, along with the usual CMYK output.

Even more intriguing, this printer can print with white or clear dry inks, perfect for unusual effects. This press is also designed in such a way that a user can swap out inks in only a few minutes’ time, making effect inks even easier to use.

Of course, this is a high-speed printing press with printing speeds of up to 120 pages per minute. However, even at its highest speed, the Xerox Iridesse has rock-solid registration, rarely straying more than half a millimeter on the page. Print 18 focused more on the Iridesse’s new HD EA White Dry Ink and Extra-Long Sheet Printing.

The Xerox Iridesse won a number of awards at Print 18, including an inaugural Red Hot Technology Vanguard Award in the Pioneer category. This award recognizes technology that is entirely new to the graphic communication industry. Xerox also picked up an Intertech Technology Award for the Xerox Iridesse.

Xerox Brenva HD Production Press

If the Iridesse doesn’t meet your needs, perhaps your office should consider the Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press, which also had an excellent showing at Print 18.

The Xerox Brenva HD is an inkjet press with the versatility of a cut-sheet platform. Printing at over 300 pages per minute in duplex mode, the Xerox Brenva HD can speed up your large-quantity jobs. Even when printing images, the Xerox Brenva can average approximately 192 pages per minute.

The Xerox Brenva HD also may use less power and supplies than other printing presses in its class. As a matter of fact, Xerox showcased new productivity enhancements to the Brenva HD at Print 18.

Xerox Versant Digital Press

Perhaps your company’s needs are smaller, and the Iridesse or Brenva would be overkill. In that case, your company could look into the Xerox Versant.

The Xerox Versant is meant for smaller print runs but can still deliver up to 100 pages per minute, depending on the model. The Versant is also an Ultra HD printer, with the increase in resolution the name implies.

At Print 18, Xerox debuted advanced new envelope-printing capabilities for the Xerox Versant. Many offices still labor with printing envelopes, but now Xerox offers a customized feeder and a conveyor belt for Versant presses that make printing envelopes a lot easier. The company also was awarded a Red Hot technology recognition for this breakthrough, which is sure to be useful for many offices.

Xerox iGen Series and Software

Of course, no discussion of the Xerox product line would be complete without the iGen series, and as always, Xerox aims to deliver excellence here as well. As with the Xerox Iridesse, the Xerox iGen5 offers easy-to-use effects inks, such as Clear and White Dry Inks. A small innovation perhaps, but fairly exciting, considering the niche this product occupies.

No discussion of computer hardware can be complete without Xerox workflow software, and Xerox has managed to innovate in this area as well. For example, XMPie’s uDirect Studio uses data sources and Adobe InDesign to create personalized documents. You can even use Photoshop and Illustrator to add customized images to your document. This is an amazing example of Xerox office technology.

Xerox has taken this functionality one step further with the XMPie Circle Personal Effect Edition. This software is nothing less than an interactive digital storyboard for marketing campaigns. It offers cloud integration as well as drag-and-drop application. It also won an award prior to PRINT18 for RED HOT technology.

Xerox also has added functionality to their productivity tools. Xerox FreeFlow Core can eliminate production steps that previously had to be done by humans, freeing up your employees to do other jobs. XMPie Adobe Sign Integration allows a user to sign a document before it’s been printed, instead of the usual printing-signing-scanning procedure that offices were forced into previously.

The Exciting Xerox Print Line

This is an exciting time in the computer industry. Although technical power has slowed, innovation still drives the industry forward. The PRINT-18 convention is just the beginning.

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