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What Are the Must-Have Pieces of Office Technology in 2019?

As difficult as it may be to believe, the year 2018 has nearly ended, and technology pundits are already predicting that 2019 will be a landmark year in the office technology space. From AI to VR, office technology is about to undergo a significant paradigm shift.

Why Printers Are Still Important

Consider the lowly printer. For years, printers have been fairly simple machines that had one task—to print documents. Some offices even used home printers in order to cut costs. This tactic will no longer be sufficient if a company wishes to remain competitive.

Printer technology has improved dramatically over the past few years, and a company with a home printer risks being left in the dust.

Voice Recognition and AI: New Ways to Use New Tech

For example, the Xerox AltaLink product line is meant for large workgroups, and has artificial intelligence derived from IBM’s Watson. IBM’s AI platform won a game of Jeopardy against the best human players in the world a few years ago.

Combined with a voice recognition system, an AltaLink printer can become a valued office assistant. No longer will employees need to stop what they’re doing to print a document. Instead, an employee can continue to work while creating a paper document. This technology is completely hands-free.

The verbal commands to the printer must be spoken in English right now, but the tech team at Xerox is working on that issue, and should have an update in the future. However, there is an available app in Xerox’s AltaLink and VersaLink product lines can translate a document into many different languages, without need for an expensive human translator.

Instead of using an Internet translation program, which may be incorrect or even may be missing some words, your office can use a Xerox printer to receive a proper translation in milliseconds.

Also, Xerox’s AltaLink product line has true voice recognition. The Watson AI enables the printer to only respond to certain voices, and to ignore voices without the appropriate access. Xerox innovations aren’t just about new features, but also focuses on protecting their clients.

Also, regarding the protection of clients, the connection that your printer has to Watson is safeguarded by McAfee and Cisco technology, so it is protected against hacking. The information is encrypted and should be safe. This holds true for both of Xerox’s business product lines. No matter which Xerox printer product line your company chooses, information is safeguarded according to Common Criteria guidelines. Both firmware verification and intrusion prevention are covered.

AltaLink vs. VersaLink – What Are the Differences?

While perfect for large offices, the AltaLink product line may have unnecessary features for smaller offices. Fortunately, Xerox also offers a product line for smaller offices – the VersaLink is perfect for smaller offices.

The VersaLink line tend to have smaller footprints, which is perfect for an office space with fewer employees. Some models are even portable!

Although the Xerox VersaLink product line may be smaller than the AltaLink line, both have some features in common. Both use Xerox ConnectKey to help your business work with files.

Xerox ConnectKey allows a user to use file-sharing apps without resorting to working with a computer. Your Dropbox files, for instance, can be printed using just the printer. If your office doesn’t use Dropbox, this functionality will also work with Google Drive, OneDrive, and Office 365.

For Design, Architecture, and Manufacturing– The Xerox Iridesse

Does your office need a printing solution that would stretch the capabilities of even the most powerful office printer? If your office needs a printing solution that encompasses large amounts of printed material such as fliers, plans, or pamphlets, Xerox has a solution. The Xerox Iridesse is a professional printing press with some new features all its own.

For example, Xerox’s FreeFlow software allows the printer’s AI to make multiple decisions formerly requiring humans, such as page layout, job routing, and even monitoring paper alignment and image quality. The printing press contacts Xerox periodically with data regarding efficiency and, if there is an issue, Xerox can contact the printing presses owner to recommend repairs.

Of course, the Xerox Iridesse is a professional printing press and it fully supports CMYK printing, as well as half-tones and metallic colors. The Xerox Iridesse is also very fast for a digital printing press, averaging 120 pages per minute, and the resolution is Ultra HD.

Incidentally, this speed doesn’t come at the expense of production quality. Even at 120 pages per minute, registration is correct down to half a millimeter. Xerox’s innovation also provides for several previously human-guided processes to be automated, allowing employees to be freed for other, more crucial tasks.

Xerox: Amazing Technology Since 1901

The world of computer printing has come a long way since the first dot matrix printers hit the shelves. However, for as long as computers have existed, Xerox has been there, leading the way in innovation.

When your office upgrades their printing equipment, they should examine Xerox’s product lines. No matter what the situation, Xerox will have a printing solution.

We have the Xerox imaging devices your office demands, no matter what! Contact us today to learn more.